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East New Britain

Rabaul Historical Tours get its name from Rabaul. Rabaul is located in East New Britain Province which is known for its amazing deep-water harbor and natural beauty. Some famously known events that occurred in Rabaul over the years was the world war II in year 1942 and the twin Vulcan and Tavurvur volcanoes that erupted and buried most of Rabaul town in year 1994. Take a memorable 4-hour trek from a nearby village to the lake, where you'll uncover diverse bird species, exotic orchids, and stunning lake vistas provided by Rabaul Historical Tours.

Rabaul Historical Tours offer;
- Tours
- Village Experience
- Traditional Singsing
- Swimming
- Snorkeling
- Mountain Climbing
- War Relics

Rabaul Historical Tours gives back to their community by financially supporting the local dancers to perform traditional dances, having locals display their artifacts and also engaging them as potters and tour guides.

Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, 613

Contact us:
Phone: +675 8174 6909





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