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East Sepik

Aibom Tour Operators is located in Aibom Village in Chambri Lakes, East Sepik Province. It is a family business and it is run by 7 family members.

East Sepik Province is well known for the Sepik River and the lakes in the Sepik River basin. The Sepik River and the lakes are great tourist attractions. Not only the physical environment is the tourist attraction but the traditional cultures around the Sepik River and lakes.

Aibom Tour Operators offers:
- Tours
- Accommodation
- Village Experience
- Traditional Singsing
- Swimming
- Boat Trips
- Fishing
- Market Art & Craft
- Mountain Climbing
- Trekking
- Bird Watching
- War Relics
- Cultural Shows & Festivals

There are also many cultural activities in the area:
- Crocodile skin-cutting ceremony
- Basket weaving
- Carving
- Sightseeing Haus Tambaran (Spirit house)
- Aibom Clay Pottery Molding
- Kwoma Nukuma Traditional Paintings & Bilum Dance.

The impact the business has on the community is providing employment and preservation of our noble traditions and culture. Aibom Tour Operators employ the youth and women as tour guides, cooks and to build guest houses for the visiting tourists.

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