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Port Moresby

PNG's first National Park known for its breathtaking views of Port Moresby and the Central coast. The park is popular for school excursions, bird-watching ( it is home to 6 of the more than 40 bird of paradise species), weekend outings for city residents, and nature tours.

Varirata National Park is Papua New Guinea's first National Park. It was declared on December 10th, 1969 and was officially opened in October the 8th, 1973, just two years before PNG gained independence. The Park is located approximately 23 kilometers (14.30 miles) North-East from Port Moresby at the edge of the Sogeri Plateau.

It occupies an area of 1,063 ha at an elevation of 630 to 833 meters giving it the most impeccable location to have an aerial view of Port Moresby from the Lookout point.

There vegetation around the park is made up of Eucalypt Savannah, Secondary Forest mainly consisting of native casuarina trees.

Sogeri Central Province

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