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The remote and sparsely populated corner of PNG is home to our most isolated Wilderness Lodge - Bensbach. There are wide, sweeping flood plains abundant with all forms of wildlife.

Bensbach Wildlife Lodge is located in the southwestern corner of Western province in PNG. It is approximately 10 kilometres from West Papua, the Indonesian half of the island. The lodge sits along the Bensbach River.

Access to the lodge is by charter aircraft, either from Cairns and Horn Island, Australia and then Daru or through Mount Hagen. Charters from Mount Hagen can be arranged with Trans Niugini Tours.

Aircraft arrives and departs using a private airstrip adjacent to the lodge. Stands of Malaluca (paper bark eucalyptus) provide building materials for the local people and the bark is used as insulation in traditional ovens for cooking. Sago and yams are the staples of the Bensbach people.

River tours for birding and fishing are organized on river boats from the lodge. 191 bird species have been recorded in the Bensbach area. Experienced local guides and boat drivers accompany all tours. Bensbach practices sustainable catch and release fishing and only what is needed for an evening meal is kept.

A solar system powers the lodge providing 24-hour 220V electricity. Meals are served in a communal dining room and menus often include freshly caught Barramundi and venison purchased from local hunters. Menus are based on European style recipes including a taste of local foods. Generous packed lunches are prepared for tours and served as a picnic along the river.

A well-stocked bar and comfortable lodge are located in the guest common area central to the rooms. Beer, wine and soft drinks are available at the bar. However, bottled water is not sold at the lodge and boiled rain water is provided for drinking.

Guests are accommodated in two separate wings, each linked to the main lodge building that also houses the dining room, bar and lounge. The lodge is built entirely from local materials and adapted to the tastes and comfort of its visitors. Each wing has 4 twin rooms with single beds and 2 shared bathrooms with showers, hot and cold water, basin and flush toilets.

Each room has a ceiling fan as the climate is tropical. Boiled rain water is available in the rooms as well as in the dining room. Bed linen and towels are provided and daily housekeeping service ensures that your room is comfortable.

Bensbach Wilderness Lodge
Wando Western Province

Phone: +675 7198 9397






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