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Western Highlands Province is a captivating destination known for its rugged mountain landscapes, vibrant cultural traditions, and rich agricultural heritage. The tourist can experience the famous Mount Hagen Cultural Show, where tribes from across the province showcase their unique dance, music and traditional attire.

- Visit the Huli Wigmen and see them sing and dance.

- Travel to Avi Village to see the Skeleton men and learn about their story.

- Travel to see the Asaro Mudmen,

- Continue to Travelors Hut for lunch.

- Transfer to Paiya Village for Hagen men and women traditional dance, followed by traditional cooking (mumu).

- Visit the village museum and learn about the chief and wives traditional attire.

- Overnight at the Magic Mountain Lodge.

- Nature walk around the lodge, hiking and bird walking.

- Travel to Kumul Lodge to see birds feeding.

- Overnight at Magic Mountain.

- Climb Mt Hagen (3800 meters above sea level). 4 hours ascend & 3 hours descending- local guides to lead.


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