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East New Britain is a premier destination for tourism in Papua New Guinea, offering a rich tapestry of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and historical intrigue. The province is famed for its stunning volcanic landscapes and marine environments which are haven for divers and snorkelers

- Early morning volcano climb

- Hot springs, and you will meet local men who search for a specialty in the dark volcanic sand-
the eggs of the Megapod birds.

-Lunch at Rabaul Hotel who also provide history of the town.

- Rabaul highlights tour including the old Rabaul Town now covered in volcanic ash,
War relics and bunkers/tunnels, with amazing views from various lookouts such as the
volcano observatory.

- Duke of York Island Hopping

- Dolphin watching

- Beautiful white sandy beaches

- Great snokerling opportunities

- Tropical island lunch

- Baining Fire dance in the village


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