Nuli Sapi has been created for visitors wishing to explore the diversity and breathtaking beauty that make Milne Bay a truly unforgettable experience. 


Designed to reflect the rich cultural heritage of the people with minimal impact upon the environment we provide a perfect base from which to explore this fascinating, remote corner of the world. 


Nuli Sapi has been designed and built by the Mwado family with the help of the local community. We used bush materials collected from the area and the labour and skills of local people. Our aim is to provide visitors with a comfortable environment in which to experience our beautiful corner of the world. We support local culture and traditions and encourage visitors to partake in some of the activities of day to day life on Logea Island. This may include watching sago being made, learning about traditional cooking or taking out one of our outrigger canoes for fishing. Other activities include island hopping, bush walking, historical sights, snorkeling with the Manta Rays at Gona Bara Bara and fishing the outer reefs.


Nuli Sapi Retreat

Isaiah: +675 7369 6490

Kayleigh: +61451954189 (Australia)


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